Best Aptech Aviation Center in Borivali Mumbai

Knowledge of IT is essential in today's world. No matter which career you choose, you need a strong foundation in IT & computers. Explore this new and exciting world with Aptech!

  • Computer fundamental & internet basics
  • MS Office 2016 - Word, Excel, Power point & Outlook
Programming C
  • Understand the basics of computer programming
  • Write, compile & debug programs in C language
  • Use different data types in a computer program
  • Learn how to use functions, methods & routines
Programming C ++
  • Define the structure of a C++ program
  • Identify standard input & output functions
  • Describe private & public sections of classes with member functions
  • Use the objects & member functions of a class
  • Explain conditional constructs
  • Describe functions, pointers, and arrays, function overloading, inheritance, polymorphism
  • Describe exception handling
  • Develop object-oriented applications using C++
Programming C#
  • Introduction to object-oriented programming in C#
  • Basic & advanced object-oriented applications using C#
Enterprise application development (.NET)

An enterprise application describes a software platform that businesses use to assist themselves in solving enterprise problems & carry out their daily functioning tasks. Businesses require enterprise application solutions that can be built fast & offer great flexibility.

  • Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services
Enterprise Application Development (Java)

From laptops to mobile phones, Java is the most common application software used around the world. The job opportunities for a Java expert are endless.

  • Enterprise Application Development using EJB
Embedded Programming

Embedded programming is basic for any system to work properly. It is important for an embedded programmer to be familiar with the programming interface of the systems.

  • Introduction to embedded systems
  • Programming embedded systems
Data Structures in C

Data Structure is a way of collecting and organising data so that operations can be on these data in an effective way and data elements can be rendered for better organization & storage.

  • Data structures in C
Software Testing using Selenium

Software testing involves checking the operation of a software system or application under controlled conditions. This course trains you to work with Selenium, and write tests in popular programming languages, including C#, Java, PHP, and Python.

  • Testing through Selenium
Swift iOS Programming

Swift is fast, and interactive programming language developed by Apple for iOS, macOS, watchOS, etc. It is built with the open source LLVM compiler framework and has been included in Xcode.

  • Xcode application development
  • Programming in Swift
Software Project Management

Effective Software Project Management demands optimum utilisation of the knowledge, techniques and tools necessary to manage the development of software products.

  • Software Project Management (MS Project 2016)